About the Artist


thea-kovachMy love of nature is my main calling to paint.
My work has moved on to feature grand, rugged, and often lonely places. I seem to be settling in landscapes and still life which often spring from photos I've taken. It is, however, my penciling of lines that continue to guide the features of a work. Lines that flow through me onto the paper almost undirected. I have begun to find these lines calling less for definition in my finished work and the depths of both paint and their colours, growing.

I've been drawing for almost as long as I can remember. At four, I created a postersized card to welcome the Vancouver Aquarium's first whale. After helping in my brother’s room, I filled my own bedroom wall with my drawings. In my teens I painted an eighty-foot long mural around my barn.

I doodled compulsively in high school, and while earning my BA at the University of British Columbia. After that I found two months to explore the Europe I'd seen so much of in school. When I got back I entered the Emily Carr College of Art and Design, where I studied Graphic Design for two and a half years, specializing in architectural renderings and experiencing the wonders of good quality watercolours for the first time.

As an adult, shortly after making Port Hardy home I turned again to working with watercolours, this time as a commercial artist. I had seen an outline map
of northern Vancouver Island on a placemat––with very few details and no information––which led me to realize how little most people know about their own backyards. And so began a journey across my new backyard. I traveled the main roads and the logging roads, researching everything, wherever it was, however I found it. The outcome: my first work in watercolour--my first ArtMap and first published work.

Now to my current work, watercolour landscapes. My best work springs from places I've experienced. My photographs remind me of the features and colours of the places I love. It is from my most memorable images that I am led towards some of my most courageous work and I enjoy seeing my work move and change over time.

My name is Thea Kovach.